Our seminars

Sayer Vincent are experienced trainers and run courses for many social purpose organisations. With over 30 years’ experience in the charity sector, we have practical knowledge of the issues you face.

We cover a wide range of topics with events across London and Birmingham and our seminars are priced to make them affordable for charities:

  • £75 for half day seminars
  • £150 for full day seminars
  • Free for SV clients (unless stated otherwise)

You will find a full list of our seminars is below – just click on the date to go to our booking page.

You can also download our full 2018 programmes for London or Birmingham.

If you have any queries please read our event terms and conditions or contact us at events@sayervincent.co.uk or 020 7841 6360 to talk to one of the team.

2018 training programme – London

How to be a good trustee
8 November

  • This session is ideal as an induction for new trustees or a refresher for existing trustees, explaining the responsibilities and duties of charity trustees.
  • It will cover the role of the individual trustee within the governance structure and the nature of collective responsibility. The session will also update attendees on the latest governance developments and will contain a mix of presentation as well as structured discussion to discuss issues around the trustee role.

Reading charity accounts
3 October

  • This seminar will help participants better understand the key principles of financial management and in particular the skills to read a set of accounts and understand the financial position of an organisation.
  • We will discuss key accounting principles, key terminology and provide useful resources for future reference.

Preparing charity accounts
9 October

  • This one-day workshop aims to provide participants with an overview of charity accounting, the key stages in drafting a set of year-end accounts and tips on how to prepare for the audit.
  • The workshop is designed for finance staff who may be new to an organisation or the sector, or those who need a refresher.

VAT made simple
16 October

  • In this session attendees will be given a brief overview of charity areas such as non-business activities and the VAT status of various types of income such as grants, contracts, selling donated goods, fundraising events and sponsorship.
  • We will also explain when you need to register for VAT and how to recover VAT on costs once you are registered.

VAT and Gift Aid on fundraising for charities
14 November

  • Getting the best deal for VAT and Gift Aid may help you to increase your fundraising income.
  • This session will look at practical aspects of managing the tax and VAT aspects of events and other fundraising methods such as membership schemes.

2018 training programme – Birmingham

Preventing fraud
18 October

  • Charities are as at risk to fraud as any other organisation and in the age of cybercrime the risks are only increasing. Every pound lost to fraud is a pound that does not reach your charity’s beneficiaries.
  • Through a mix of discussion and case studies, this training course will help understand fraud risk and give you practical tips on how to develop a fraud awareness culture and strong counter-fraud controls in your charity.

Charity tax made simple
8 November

  • Tax issues are particularly complicated for charities. This course will cover:
  • VAT – both VAT status of different income streams and VAT recovery
  • Gift Aid
  • Trading – what can you do in the charity and when do you need a subsidiary
  • Business rates

2019 training programme – London

USAID Recipient Training Course
9-11 January 2019

  • The significant changes in the rules and regulations set by the US Government in July 2017 are now applicable if your charity is a recipient of USAID funding. Attend our training course to receive up to date information for implementing the new rules and approach your ‘Yellow Book’ audit with confidence.
  • Compliance is key and will be tested by your auditors. Requirements for international NGOs in receipt of USAID funding are now more complex and demanding. We will take a comprehensive look into what you must do to comply with the guidelines and effectively meet your new reporting requirements.
  • Click here for more information on what will be covered over the three-day training course.