Sayer Vincent Partners

About us

We work to a set of values that have been our bedrock for our whole existence. This means we manage our firm differently.

For example, our remuneration policy is not tied to financial targets and we find that this means that partners and managers can work together as a team, rather than in competition with each other. That allows us to focus on our clients and their beneficiaries and act in their interest – we do not experience personal conflicts when deciding what is in your best interest. Clients and potential clients are surprised when we tell them about cheaper and better ways to achieve their objective, rather than using our services! But for us, this is entirely consistent with a long-term relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

What’s different about SV

We are one team. We do not reward our people for their financial performance or new business, so our partners and managers are not in competition with each other. We support each other make sure the best person is assigned to the work to get the best outcome for our clients.

We work collaboratively with our clients. We are on the same team, not working against you.

We are independent. We do not have to refer decisions to a higher authority or follow orders which allows us to be flexible to the needs of our clients and offer a bespoke audit approach to fit your needs.

We are thinking auditors and use our brains to decide the best audit approach. We have our own audit programme and documentation and the audit is not run by checklists or computers.

Auditing is a people-orientated activity and we still work on that basis. We think it is important to listen to our clients, consider the implications of what we hear and then discuss with them any issues arising.

We think it is important that we have a good working relationship with your trustees and staff. Our partners and staff are friendly but professional. At times we need to offer challenge, but equally we are open to feedback about how we operate, pro-actively seeing regular feedback.

We provide 360° business advice looking at your situation from all angles. You do not have to go from one advisor to another for VAT, tax, legal views. Our teams are knowledgeable about the structure and needs of charities and we have individuals who lead on highly technical subjects, such as pensions, international aspects of taxation and accounting.