Making a difference

We donate at least 5% of our turnover through in-kind support for publications, events, training and conferences. At Sayer Vincent we believe that we can best help the beneficiaries of charities by sharing our knowledge and skill of financial accounting, tax and legal frameworks. We aim to make technical topics accessible and to train and develop finance professional, trustees, chief executives, fundraisers and programmes staff.

Our mission is to work with them to make charities more effective.

How we do it

  • Free Made simple guides
  • Free seminars and training for trustees and staff of our clients and low fees to others.
  • Charity Accountants’ Conference
  • We have authored several publications as part of our pro bono contribution to the sector.
  • Volunteering – Sayer Vincent partners and staff are volunteers and trustees with a large number of organisations. Individuals give their time to causes they wish to support.
  • Supporting the work of charities – When we have the opportunity, we place staff in charities to work for periods of up to three months to help the charity with a project or major change, seeking only a contribution to our costs.
  • Supporting the work of sector groups – We are actively involved in umbrella bodies and sector groups.