Our values

Sayer Vincent is an ethical firm that bases all its decisions and the way it operates on a set of values. The fundamental principle of our firm is that people are more important than money.

Our goals are to deliver excellent services, and to treat clients and staff well. If we get those things right, then we do achieve a stable financial position – as has been proved to be the case for over 30 years.

  1. Our work is dedicated to charities and social enterprises. Some are small and just starting up, while others are large and complex. We believe all our clients make an important contribution to society and they are all important clients to us.
  2. Our people are committed to charities and social enterprise; they go the extra mile because they really care about their clients and their beneficiaries.
  3. We work with our clients in a sustainable way, sharing knowledge and developing their staff. We make our clients more self-sufficient in financial management so they can manage more in-house.
  4. We’re in the charity world for the long term – we’re happy to invest in our clients and support them through difficult times. We are transparent about fees and ensure that charges represent value to every client. We are not driven by financial gain.
  5. We’re independent and fully funded – we do not have to meet external financial targets. Our objectives are to deliver the best client services and develop staff. 30 years of experience has shown that this delivers financial stability.
  6. We make accounts and finance accessible to all – through a range of training programmes, guides and publications. We believe that people can make better decisions for themselves if they can access good, clear advice. We support greater transparency in the communication of financial information.
  7. We believe that everyone should pay their share of the tax burden and will help charities and social enterprises to get their tax right. We do not help companies or individuals to avoid tax through offshore trusts or other schemes with the primary motive of avoiding tax.
  8. We train all our staff to help them achieve their full potential. Our chartered accountancy training creates financial leaders for the charity sector. After completing their training, many of our people move into the charity sector.
  9. We treat our employees fairly and pay market rates for good staff.
  10. We are transparent in our dealings with clients and staff and try to be open about how we make decisions and why. We also support initiatives to make charities more transparent, particularly about the sources of their funding and how they spend funds.