Charity Fraud Awareness Week

23 October sees the start of Charity Fraud Awareness Week. This is an important opportunity for all charities to reflect on ways in which they can reduce their exposure to fraud and to make sure that available funds for charitable work are maximised.

We have been actively advocating a greater awareness of fraud risk over the last 12 months or so. There have been numerous press reports of charity sector fraud – all of which with the benefit of hindsight could have been prevented through a combination of awareness raising and strong controls.

We are proud to have signed up to CFG’s counter fraud campaign and to be a CFG Counter Fraud Champion. During the week, one of our partners – Jonathan Orchard – will be busy advocating counter fraud strategies at CFG’s Fraud Conference in both London (26 Oct) and Bristol (27 Oct). He is also leading a CFG training course on fraud prevention in Birmingham on 31 October. You can still book a place on any of these by visiting the CFG website.

We encourage all of our clients and contacts to use the opportunity of Fraud Awareness Week to build their fraud defences – through internal awareness raising, reviewing controls and/or attending the seminars. Look out for charity fraud related articles and blogs during the week. And you can sign up to the CFG Counter Fraud pledge here.