Sayer Vincent

30 March 2020

At Sayer Vincent, we want to lend our support to the sector campaign for emergency funding. Last week we made a submission to the Treasury’s call for evidence on the economic impact of COVID-19.

Over the last couple of weeks CFG, ACEVO, NCVO, IoF, NAVCA, Small Charities Coalition and other membership bodies have been asking the government to provide emergency funding that will keep charities alive and enable them to continue to serve their communities.

There has been considerable engagement with minsters and civil servants, and support from MPs, but to date no further support has been forthcoming.

Examples are the most powerful way to demonstrate to government the need & urgency.

This is how you can help the campaign –

  • Write to your MPs
  • Share your stories
    • Share videos talking about your work, use local media, social media using the hashtag #EveryDayCounts and get your stories out there, in particular:
    • what you are doing to support in response to COVID-19 crisis (through existing services and/or additional activity you have taken on)
    • highlight any increases in your activities as a result of the crisis
    • highlight any capacity or financial squeezes where you can
    • tag @dianabarran and thank her for all she is doing to fight for charities
    • tag @rishisunak and highlight the need for financial support
    • tag local media outlets/journalists/mainstream media.

We know that no charity will be unaffected. The sector must focus on delivery, rather than back office financial stress. The country can’t afford to have a sector left so damaged that it cannot respond after this immediate crisis is over and remain acting as such a power for good which is so vital in society.

We will keep updating our website and share guidance through our newsletter throughout this crisis. If you have any questions, you can also contact your audit manager or partner in the usual way, or reach us at info@sayervincent.co.uk

We are #PhysicallyDistant but #VirtuallyConnected

Thank you and stay safe.