Tax advisory

We can cover all areas of taxation relevant to charities and social enterprises, including:

  • Initial registration on becoming a charity
  • Gift Aid on donations, membership and admissions to heritage properties
  • Processes to ensure Gift Aid is maximised and documented
  • Retail Gift Aid
  • Gift Aid audits
  • Support and advice after a HMRC Gift Aid audit
  • VAT with specialist knowledge of membership organisations
  • VAT group registration and partial exemption
  • VAT reviews to improve VAT position
  • Property transactions
  • Tax planning for groups and non-charity subsidiaries
  • Employee taxation issues
  • Corporation tax compliance and filing
  • Acting on your behalf in relation to all taxation
  • Advice on mergers and change including recharging staff

We provide a full range of tax services including planning, working with you to help you understand the tax issues, advice on handling HMRC inspection visits, assistance with the completion of forms and preparation of returns. We have negotiated with HMRC on many issues for clients including Gift Aid, VAT on membership subscriptions, social investment, group VAT registration and handling recharges.

We should be happy to provide an estimate of fees before we start working with you and then keep you informed of the costs involved.

We can also provide training to your finance and fundraising teams – see our In-house training page for details and prices.