Sayer Vincent produces a number of sector-specific publications to support charity professionals at all levels. Whether you are from an operational or strategic background, our publications are simple and straightforward to understand using jargon-free practical approaches to help you make sense of difficult and complex issues.

Honorary Treasurer’s Handbook

This handbook provides plenty of guidance on how to perform your role as a charity treasurer, whether the charity is large or small. It considers how you can contribute to meetings, strategy development, risk management, planning and your broader trustee role. It provides a model of financial governance that helps to get the balance right between detailed scrutiny and strategic insight.
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Rethinking Risk: Beyond the tick box

Many charities don’t properly consider the risks their organisations are facing. Perhaps they don’t know where to start, haven’t the time, or don’t think it’s sufficiently important. Others will take the approach whereby managing it has become a meaningless tick box exercise.

Charities continue to be challenged by a wide range of risks that can affect all areas of their organisation. From the risk of being subject to fraud and cyber-crime to strategic risks related to the wider operating environment, there are numerous threats that charities must be able to manage and plan for. This guide is a useful starting point to enable you to rethink your approach to risk.

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The Complete Charity VAT Handbook

VAT for charities may seem like an impenetrable forest, but this book brings clarity and light to this complex subject. It guides you through all the essential knowledge you need to manage VAT with confidence.

The fourth edition of this book by Alastair Hardman and Kate Sayer is available to purchase from DSC. Sayer Vincent clients are eligible to receive a 15% discount. Contact us for the discount code which can be used on the DSC website.

The Complete Charity VAT Handbook Update

We have released a COVID-19 related VAT measures update of  The Complete Charity VAT Handbook.

This update includes key changes to VAT law, cases and practice since the book was issued and should be read in conjunction with the book itself.

You can download the update FREE from DSC’s website here.

A Practical Guide to Managing in a Downturn

by Kate Sayer, I Oakley-Smith, S Lloyd, M Bennett
Available to purchase from DSC

A Practical Guide to Financial Management for charities

By Kate Sayer
Available to purchase from DSC

Beyond Reserves

For anyone who thinks their reserves could be working harder. Many charities adopt a conservative attitude when it comes to reserves. Rather than viewing them as an asset to be actively managed, reserves are often seen as a resource that should be protected and preserved. Charity and economic landscapes are changing rapidly. The global economic crisis has meant the last few years have been the worst economically. It’s easy to argue the ‘rainy day’ scenario has been upon us – but research has shown that many charities still haven’t used reserves. This begs the question – what are they here for? Could charities utilise their reserves more effectively? And how do you convince others – particularly trustees – to adopt a more dynamic approach?

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VAT for Academies and Free Schools

A general introduction to VAT for academies and free schools. It covers VAT law and practice as at November 2013 and outlines:

  • The normal VAT rules that apply to any UK business
  • The s33b refund scheme, a special VAT scheme for academy and free schools
  • The special VAT reliefs for charities which fit into two types; ‘school as customer’ and ‘school as supplier’.

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