Vivien Ma Senior Manager

What has been your career path so far?

As a child, I dreamed of one day finding a cure for cancer. After breaking one test tube too many in the laboratory while completing my chemistry degree, I deployed my talents elsewhere by training to be an accountant. My childhood dream of saving the world has not changed, but now I achieve that by specialising in the charities and not-for-profit sector as an auditor!

Can you name drop?

I have gained valuable experience working with a wide range of charities, ranging from small, local charities to international charities with £100m+ turnover. Organisations I have worked with include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum trading companies, The Institute of Cancer Research and Hospice UK, to name just a few.

What appealed to you about Sayer Vincent?

I am one of the returnees at Sayer Vincent. I worked here for just over seven years until 2011 and re-joined in April 2016. In many ways it is a new firm (many new faces especially the trainees, new audit programmes, a new office, etc.), but fortunately the values of the firm and of the people I work with have not changed one bit.

What skills do you bring?

I love sharing my knowledge and experience to ensure our audits are robust and we can provide clients with exceptional services.

Tell us something people may not know

I spent six months at Prostate Cancer UK as the Interim Deputy Director of Finance in 2015/16, leading a team of 10 to deliver efficient day-to-day finance functions as well as contributing to strategic decision-making as part of the senior management team.

I gained a real insight of how a charity is run from the perspective of management. I now know what keeps my clients awake at night and endeavour to provide exactly the support they need.

What do you get up to outside of work?

When I am not busy saving the world, I enjoy taking long walks in open spaces, in the UK and abroad, and dragging my (only slightly reluctant) husband to ballroom dancing classes for a slow waltz and maybe a foxtrot!