Sayer Vincent is committed to sharing knowledge and learning. Our easy-to-use guides and publications on charity finance and management topics help charity trustees and staff to find their way through the maze of legal and regulatory rules.

“I have worked in charity finance most of my life. I have seen the Sayer Vincent ‘Made Simple Guides’ start up and grow over the years and can wholehearted recommend them. For those starting in the sector they are an invaluable introduction. For those long in the tooth, like me, they are a useful check that you are up to date, and now that there are over 20 of them they cover most areas charities get involved with.

Well done Sayer Vincent for providing a free resource of real value to those working in charities.”
Nick Kavanagh, former FD at Save the Children UK

Sayer Vincent has authored several books as part of their pro bono contribution to the sector. These include important technical works, such as ‘A Practical Guide to VAT for Charities’, which has been published in its fourth edition.