Mergers and due diligence

What we do

We provide support to charities and social purpose organisations considering mergers and guide them through the merger process.

This includes advising on the steps towards merger, critiquing merger business cases, financial due diligence and advice on future structures and tax implications.

Why we do it

Charity trustees have a duty to continually assess whether their charity is working in the best interests of its beneficiaries. Sometimes this assessment results in the decision that a merger with another charity is the best solution.

Charity mergers can be difficult to pull off. Trustees are attached to their charity brands. There are donors, staff, supporters and volunteers to think about. And that’s before you think about property issues, pensions, restricted funds and data protection.

We provide financial due diligence services but also have strong working relationships with charity specialist lawyers giving you access to a single team of professional advisers to help you navigate a merger process.

What our clients say

SV have brought a wealth of experience to our work and worked positively and creatively with us. It has helped us develop our horizons and our processes. We have been very pleased with the outcomes from this partnership.

Want to discuss merger advice and support?

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