Training and facilitation

What we do

We provide training to charities of all sizes on a wide range of topics including:

  • basic trustee responsibilities;
  • adopting the Code of Governance;
  • Risk management; and
  • understanding charity accounts.

We also provide Board facilitation support for strategic away days and similar.

Why we do it

We believe in making sometimes technical or complex matters accessible and understandable to all. You sign up to be a trustee out of commitment to the cause first and foremost. Yet a trustee role comes with high expectations and tough responsibilities. We want to make sure trustees understand the accounts they are signing and know their role as a trustee in applying good governance

What our clients say

“The governance workshop facilitated for the Trustees of our Trust has resulted in more effective and harmonious working relationships between Trustees and members of the Executive team. Communication have been significantly improved, The Board is meeting more regularly and is now more focused on strategic issues along with the quality of the service it provides.”

Want to discuss training or facilitation options?

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