What we care about

SV is a unique place to work. We know that because many of our staff come back to us having had periods elsewhere and they tell us. We are a team of individuals with a shared sense of what is important. This includes:


We are proud of our exclusive focus on the charity and social purpose sector. All the SV staff and partners have made a clear commitment to work with the sector and to build a strong and resilient civil society.

Shared values

We can genuinely say that we share the values of the sector. Our income is all earned from providing specialist services to the sector. We then re-invest significantly in the sector through providing free publications, training and seminars – for more examples of this please see our impact. We do not earn fees from advising for-profit corporates or high net worth individuals.

Sustainable working practices

We continually act to improve the firm’s sustainability and to lessen the impact of our operations on the environment. We are already carbon-neutral for scope 1 and 2 emissions and are working to reduce scope 3 emissions.


We have a positive attitude to diversity. People join Sayer Vincent because they want to work in a values-driven professional firm.

At Sayer Vincent we strive for diversity and inclusion for all our staff with fairness. All our employees, clients and suppliers should be treated with equal respect. We have set up a working group to promote EDI within Sayer Vincent, and will continue to make us a place where our team can thrive regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. Recruitment and selection procedures strive to be objective and fair.

Audit quality & ethics

We are committed to delivering quality audits. External audit represents some 75% of our business and so maintaining standards, being independent and objective is critical to us.

The independence and objectivity of external auditors is a critical safeguard for good governance. We have strong internal processes to safeguard our independence as well as a strong internal culture based on audit objectivity.

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