Tax advisory and compliance

What we do

We provide a full range of tax advisory and compliance services tailored specifically to the needs of charities and social purpose organisations. We provide VAT, employment tax, Gift Aid and corporation tax compliance/trading advice.

We provide a range of support to our clients including advice on specific issues, assistance with complex tax/VAT calculations, negotiations with HMRC as well as delivering training to both finance and non-finance staff and trustees.

Why we do it

We want all charities to maximise the money they have available to apply for social impact. This includes helping them to benefit from all the tax reliefs available to them and helping them to be compliant so they avoid surprise tax liabilities. We help support our clients with the complex rules around tax and to enable them to understand and comply with any relevant requirements.

Estimates say that the charity sector incurs £1.8 billion of irrecoverable VAT (Source: London Economics 2020). We help charities understand the available reliefs so they can minimise this figure. Similarly, Charity Tax Group estimates that £600 million of Gift Aid is unclaimed each year. We help charities navigate the rules and maximise their Gift Aid opportunities.

What our clients say

We are indebted for the VAT advice given which increased our recovery for the year by over £20,000. I know that the Director of Finance has found your support on this and other technical matters to be invaluable.

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Ross Palmer

Senior Tax Manager

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