For many years, I have worked with a wide variety of clients including charitable, corporate, legal and educational organisations. With so many rules and regulations to comply with, it struck me how critical it is to be fully aware of everything that is topical and relevant to my clients in order to give them the best possible advice. Over time, as my involvement with the not for profit sector increased, I decided that I would love to become a dedicated specialist. Moving to Sayer Vincent has given me a great opportunity to do that, it is fantastic to focus on a client base of only not for profit clients. Working with charities gives me a such a positive feeling compared to any other audit or advisory work I have carried out and I find myself far more driven to support and work alongside charity finance and management teams. I get a real sense of satisfaction when I know that I have made someone else’s day easier having provided useful, timely and cost effective advice. I also firmly believe that everyone can ‘do better’ and that we can always take away from and reflect on our experiences. The best part of my job is getting to know the people within each organisation and to make sure I understand what they need from us and how we can support them. There is no denying that the ‘numbers’ part of accountancy is important but the stories that sit behind those numbers are the far more interesting and challenging part of my role. In order to give a bit back to my local community, I volunteer in two roles, firstly as a trustee and treasurer of a charity committed to helping victims of domestic abuse and secondly as treasurer of the junior section of the local cricket club. Both roles have enhanced my experience of current issues, particularly with funding pressures, and given me a great appreciation of the commitment and energy dedicated by all those who give up so much of their time for others. In my own time, I love spending time with my family (which involves watching a lot of football and cricket), photography, walking, reading and holidaying in Cornwall.