Grant and project audits

What we do

We help charities meet their reporting requirements by undertaking project or grant audits when donors require them.

This includes UK charities receiving funds from the UK government (including DCMS, BEIS, DfE) and international charities with funds from the EU, FCDO, and European governments (eg SIDA).

We are a USAID accredited firm of auditors. This means we are qualified to undertake USAID grant audits anywhere outside the USA. We are one of a very limited number of firms in the UK granted ‘Regular Status’ by USAID.

Why we do it

Government funding represents a significant proportion of income for many charities. It is critical that these charities have robust processes in place for donor accountability. This means they can demonstrate how they can deliver what they have promised. As a result they are more likely to secure future funding.

In all our grant and project audits we help our clients fulfil their donor accountability requirements and to learn from each audit to improve processes for the future.

What our clients say

We approached Sayer Vincent to audit our international, European funded project. They were able to undertake the audit at short notice and even though it involved four different languages the process was efficient and completed to timetable. The staff could not have been more helpful and friendly, providing guidance and support.

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