Internal audit and risk

What we do

We provide a tailored approach to internal audit to a wide variety of charities. This includes full outsourced arrangements, co-sourcing where we work alongside an in-house team and a stand by arrangement where we deliver one off audits when needed.

We also provide advice and support on approaches to better risk management.

Why we do it

Internal audit has a key role to play in building a strong and resilient civil society. Trustee boards and audit committees need confidence that their organisation is managing key risks effectively. Internal audit is a key part of providing this assurance.

Charities have limited resources available to dedicate to internal audit. We therefore ensure that audit plans are focussed and draw on smart methodologies. We take a flexible approach based on providing maximum assurance at minimum cost.

What our clients say

Ours is a relatively small organisation – but we find having SV’s internal audit resource to draw on is immensely valuable. It provides much needed confidence to our trustees that we are managing risks effectively while supporting our staff team in continually striving to learn and improve processes. I am a huge fan of internal audit and have always found the reviewing process to be developmental for our business and for me personally. It supports our continuous improvement and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

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