Whilst studying maths at Warwick University, I knew I wanted a career that would involve working with numbers. Taking up the role as treasurer of my university RAG society gave me an initial taste of charity accounting, however through training and working at Sayer Vincent, I now realise how many things I could have done better back then! Sayer Vincent has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of charities and not-for-profit organisations. I enjoy the opportunity to assist clients that deliver work I can identify with and it is fantastic to see the value of the work they undertake. My job as a manager is not just about the numbers, building relationships is key to working effectively with clients and I’ve discovered that I enjoy interacting with our clients more than I would’ve imagined. I love problem solving and dealing with technical challenges, especially if it involves getting my teeth stuck into something complex or that relates to tax which is one of my interests. Engaging with clients though leading training seminars is also something I really enjoy doing as part of my job and allows me to meet a wider range of people, I’m a Crystal Palace season ticket holder and have always been very much into playing and watching all types of sports although I don’t have much time to squeeze playing sports into my spare time as I’m kept very busy by my young family.