Farrah Kitabi Senior Manager

What attracted you to accountancy?

Having studied Accounting and Finance at Bristol University, I always wanted to be an accountant. However, it never occurred to me that a firm like Sayer Vincent existed so I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted a job advert for the firm – I knew it would be a great match for me.

I’ve always had a keen interest in voluntary work and taking up opportunities for fundraising especially at university, so I grabbed the opportunity to train and qualify with a firm dedicated to working within the non-profit sector.

What do you enjoy about the charity sector?

I love working in the sector with so many dedicated people, including colleagues and clients. Although, it is a hugely diverse sector, all the organisations I have worked with share a common set of core values that I admire greatly.

What makes you proud?

Helping smaller clients to use their resources more effectively is definitely the most rewarding part of my job.

Tell us something people may not know

I left Sayer Vincent for a short while to work at the NSPCC as the Financial Accounting and Control Manager. That was a great experience for me as I gained more awareness of how our clients work internally. However, I missed the variety of working with different clients, so in 2013 I returned to Sayer Vincent!

What did you learn from working at a charity?

My experience “on the other side of the fence” has been invaluable for helping other fundraising charities implement and develop their procedures and assisting clients make the year-end process more manageable.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I love to do a variety of things including travelling and attending a muddy festival or two! I try to counter my slight obsession with food with some exercise – mainly running, swimming, and trekking, with my biggest achievement being trekking through Patagonia.